Welcome to LITE - Long Island Tea Enthusiasts


For many years while I was living in New York City, I ran NYC Tea Tour as well as the NYC Tea & Coffee Lovers Meetup Group. Now that I've moved back to Long Island to start filming my many film projects I've written, it's time for Tea on Long Island.


There aren't that many dedicated Tea establishments on Long Island as there are in New York City, but we'll try to visit them all. I'd also like to start having Tea Parties and visiting places that serve High Tea.


I'll also start posting Tea related events. Just click on the Tea Events page link here.


Additionally, I'd also like to start up something that I think is quite unique to any area, a Tea Buying Group. It would be similar to the model of a CSA where we order directly from a Tea importer and wholesale distributor saving $100s of dollars off of the retail cost. CSAs are very popular in the City and are usually centered around Meats or Vegatables. I've already setup an account with a wholesale distributor. Once I have enough people interested we can place our first order. More details will follow soon, and if you are interested, please click here.


Here's an example of the savings. My daily morning Tea is Lychee Congu Black Tea. I go through about a pound a month. The price in the City is usually $24-$25 a pound, and I have been quoted at $68 a pound on Long Island. Wholesale, this Tea is $11 a pound.


I've also created a documentary film entitled - Tea For Two Billion - http://TeaForTwoBillion.com - Our love for the second most consumed beverage in the World